Being an Artist is about Creating Yourself

Being an Artist is about Creating Yourself

Being an Artist is about Creating Yourself

Last month I shared this beautiful quote on my Instagram feed, and so many of you saved it…

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."
-George Bernard Shaw

This tells me something. It tells me I’m not alone. Maybe this will sound similar to your experience, but I sat down one day last year and realized that I had stopped creating myself into an artist. 

As a child, art and creativity was that thing that lit me up like no other. I could spend hours and hours of timeless, joyful play immersed in drawing, painting and creating. Somehow, along the way, the adult took over. 

There was a business to run…

A home to care for... 

A family to be present with…

And I kept holding off claiming myself as an artist. I was waiting for it all to slow down or, somehow, waiting for all the loose ends and obligations in my life to line up perfectly and poof - I would magically just be the artist I envisioned myself to be. You can probably didn’t quite happen like that. What did happen? 

I had to remake my decision to be an artist. I had to come back around and make that decision from a fresh place. Renew my commitment to that artist I knew had been growing under my skin my whole life. 

And then I had to go out and take the action required to back up that decision. 

We are, after all, creators at heart.

We know how to mold, build, layer, soften, subtract, explore. What I know now is that we, as artists & beauty makers, can use the same skills we bring to our artistry to create our lifestyle and presence as a full fledged artist.


I’m *blush* actually really proud of myself for investing in support, clearing space to create my first collection and truly creating myself into the artist of my own life again.


I want you to know this hard truth I learned: 


Life won’t line up… Instead, it’s waiting for you to use your creativity to mold your time, energy and lifestyle into one of an artist.


I had to make some changes, like often swapping out an evening of watching Netflix or reading to be in my studio instead. I set up accountability with my artist friends where we would set goals, or even get on zoom calls together and chat while we worked or cleaned our studios. I got some art supplies for my kids so they could work alongside me. I hired someone in my management business to help me better support my clients. I asked my husband to take care of dinner and watch a movie with the kids so I could work. I set big deadlines and I met them. 


And if I can do it, trust me, so can you! 




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